With our modern injection moulding machines, with clamping forces from 35 tons till 150 tons, we are able to produce
until a maximum shoot wight of 150g (PS).
All our injection machines are fitted with a sprue picker / robot system.
  Production Surrounding:
The majority of our manufactured products are used in the medical sector.
Due this circumstance our production runs on a high hygiene level.
- HACCP compliant production;
- continuous flow with filtrated air;
- production area with slight overpressure;
- controlled access with RFID staff ID card;
  Resin Handling:
If necessary our raw materials can be dried in our central dryers. All our injection machines are connected with our
vacuum conveyor system. Respective to the used formulation colorbatches or additives can be added by using "Minicolor"
dosage systems.

Sprues can be regrind at the injection machine and returned by using of vacuum conveyor system in special
collection container in our stock. If possible we produce from the collected regrind new recompounds, which are
suitable to use for various parts. Regrinds which we can't use by ourself we send out to recycling factories. We use
our industrial waste heat from our production processes to heat all our buildings. By using a heat exchanger the
exhaust air heats up the inlet air.